Busy Bodies Day Care

Tina Dunne

About Us

Working in Partnership with Parents

I use a veriety of methods to keep parents informed with their child's developmental progress at Busy Bodies Day Care-

  • Tapestry - a two way online journal, designed for key staff  and parents to record a child's achievements, record their 'Care Diary' and notify parents of any accidents while at nursery.
  • verbal communication- we take pride in working closely with parents
  • news letters- keeping up to date with what is going on at Busy Bodie

"We have fun at Busy Bodies"


sticking & gluing


outdoor play

messy play



and lots more!

Our setting centred curriculum is designed with our key children in mind using the resources we have on offer a rich learning environment

The complete policy and Service Statement can be viewed at Busy Bodies or alternativly can be downloaded on to your own computor via the Settings USB stick, available upon request.

"We love Messy Play"

"There is a great out door area for us to play in, we have slides, stepping stones, skipping ropes and lots more!"


1 Neville Close

Penenden Heath



ME14 2DS

Telephone: 01622 661 059


Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm

bank holidays: Closed